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Le Samouraï (French pronunciation: ​[lə samuʁaj]; lit. "The Samurai"; originally released as The Godson in the US) is a 1967 French-Italian crime film co-written and directed by French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, starring Alain Delon, Nathalie Delon, and François Périer.

Hitman Jef Costello (Delon) lives in a single-room Parisian apartment whose spartan furnishings include a little bird in a cage. A long opening shot shows him lying on his bed, smoking, when the following text appears on-screen:

There is no greater solitude than that of the samurai unless it is that of the tiger in the jungle... Perhaps...

Costello's methodical modus operandi includes airtight alibis involving his lover, Jane (Nathalie Delon). Having carried out a murder contract on a nightclub owner, he is seen leaving the scene by several witnesses, including piano player Valérie (Cathy Rosier). Their statements are inconsistent but the investigating officer (François Périer) believes Costello is his man based on the witnesses who viewed Costello and his alibi that he was with Jane the whole time.

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