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A Field In England


A Field in England is a 2013 British historical psychological horror film directed by Ben Wheatley. The film, shot in black-and-white, is set during the mid-17th century English Civil War. The film was released on 5 July 2013 on multiple platforms simultaneously, including cinemas, home media and video on demand. It was also broadcast on Film4 on the day of its release.

During a battle of the English Civil War, an alchemist's assistant named Whitehead flees from the strict Commander Trower. Whitehead is saved by a rough soldier named Cutler, who kills Trower before he can apprehend Whitehead. Whitehead then meets two army deserters, the veteran Jacob and the witless Friend. The four leave the battleground in search of a promised ale house that Cutler knows of. Cutler instead leads them to a field with many mushrooms growing in it , where he cooks a meal with some mushrooms and encourages the others to eat, in order to make them more obedient; save for Whitehead who is fasting. Following their meal they haul an Irishman, the Wizard O'Neill seemingly out of the ground using a rope wrapped around a strangely carved wooden post buried in the ground. O'Neill is a rival alchemist for whom Cutler works; and who had stolen documents from Whitehead's master which Whitehead is trying to recover. O'Neil quickly asserts authority over the group and tells them of a treasure hidden somewhere in the field.

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