10 Highly Anticipated Books in 2020

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The list of 10 highly anticipated books in 2020 is a diverse to-read list for the whole year, from historical fiction to suspense thrillers and famous sequels.

  • The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes
    • Book by Suzanne Collins
    • None/5

    Right before The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is scheduled to be released, on May 19th, the excitement of The Hunger Games’ fans grows all over the world. This spin-off derives from the events that were touched upon so far, and I anticipate that it may be a redemption plot for President Snow, judging on the description. While many fans have been infuriated by Collin’s choice to write about President Snow and not some other character, it doesn’t change the fact that this book is highly anticipated. And will it make you feel sorry for him? It remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it deserves your best shot, and it feels amazing being able to read a new Hunger Games book in 2020.

  • Cleanness
    • Book by Garth Greenwell
    • None/5

    After Garth Grenwell’s debut, What Belongs to You, the writer is back with the highly anticipated follow-up to that book. Set in one of the less-popular capitals of European countries, Sofia, this collection of stories is told from a perspective of an American teacher who changes his life and takes bold steps towards his true desires and instincts - all of that in a noticeably different atmosphere than what you’re used to. The Soviet architecture of Sofia adds a unique touch to this storytelling and enables the writer to take on complicated topics such as cultural exchange in addition to other struggles that he faces. Cleanness refers to the protagonists’ version of his queer, pure love while dealing with controversial topics. The book also sets the ground for future sequels that promise to be as exciting as this one.

  • Long Bright River
    • Book by Liz Moore
    • None/5

    Long Bright River by Liz Moore is arguably one of the most intriguing and exciting books that came out early this year and was highly anticipated for a good reason. I couldn't stop reading and finished it in a few sittings - which is incredible, for a book that is nearly 500-page long - and it draws you in emotionally. You want to learn what happened next, and at the same time, dreading from the suspense. It just so happens that Mickey is a police officer, so we get to see the two points of view - that of a professional who deals with criminal activities day-to-day, and that of a family member (her sister, Kacey, regularly disappears and deals with drug addiction). Additionally, the novel explores the sisters’ upbringing and horrible events that are happening parallelly with Kacey’s last disappearance.

  • What Is The Grass: Walt Whitman In My Life
    • Book by Mark Doty
    • None/5

    Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass has certainly left an impact on anyone who has read it. Some people (like me) have thought about exploring my inner-being, deepest desires, and bits of our personality, but it ended there. On the other hand, some people (like Mark Doty) decided to write a book on it. As Doty claims, he “has always felt haunted by Walt Whitman’s voice,” which explains the purpose of the novel. He tries to answer all the questions that Whitman posed back in 1855, with an interesting approach of a contemporary writer. The tight bond to the issues of the time shows how history and humanity is perhaps an endless circle that repeats itself. All in all, you’ll enjoy What Is the Grass even if you haven’t read Whitman’s collection, and even more so if you have and if you liked it.

  • The Jane Austen Society
    • Book by Natalie Jenner
    • None/5

    Coming in May 2020, this novel tells a story that is set in the English village of Chawton, shortly after World War II. In case you didn’t know it - Chawton was where Jane Austen lived and wrote many of her famous works. This is the debut roman of the author, Natalie Jenner, who is a passionate devotee of Jane Austen and her life. It tells the story of a group of individuals that are determined to preserve Jane Austen’s home in Chawton, as well as (symbolically) her legacy and pride. At first glance, they are immensely different - a young widow, a doctor, a celebrity, etc., but they are all united in their spirit to found the Jane Austen Society. I expect a wonderful tribute to Jane Austen from this novel, even more so because it is located in a charming place where she had created.

  • The Lying Life Of Adults
    • Book by Elena Ferrante
    • None/5

    There’s hardly any other author that manages to convey the atmosphere of Naples. When you read Elena Ferrante’s novels, you’ll feel as if you’re walking the streets of this fascinating town in the South of Italy, enjoying the art, the architecture, and happenings of the time. The protagonist, Giovanna, takes a deep inner-self look and tries to find her true character wandering two cities: “the Naples of the heights,” and “the Naples of the depths,” as the author addresses them. It tackles the topics of childhood and adolescence, the relationship between a young girl and her family, with incredibly developed stories and characters. The official English translation of this Neapolitan story was due June, but due to the situation, it is postponed to September.

  • Dear Edward
    • Book by Ann Napolitano
    • None/5

    This New York Times Bestseller that came out in January tells the story of a boy who remains a sole survivor after a plane crash in which 191 people have died. His family was on board, as well. The bleak beginning will surely touch everyone, and it really portrays how heartbreaking it is to grieve over the loss of your loved ones. But at the same time, the book offers another perspective that is caused precisely by this sorrow - love, caring, and friendship. And when you learn that the novel is inspired by a true story, the crash of Afriqiyah Airways Flight in 2012, where the only person who survived was only a 9-year-old boy, it will touch you even deeper. Unimaginable and terrible things like this happen, and this novel gives you much to ponder about.

  • Midnight Sun
    • Book by Stephenie Meyer
    • 3.6/5

    Midnight Sun that is set to come out on August 4th hasn’t been highly anticipated only in 2020 - it’s been long-awaited from the army of fans of Twilight for much longer. The novel remained on hold for a long time, and there have been allegations and talks on it since 2008. But Meyer finally announced in May this year that the book was going to be published in a couple of months. The author has decided to offer a different perspective - that of Edward Cullen, instead of Bella Swan - while revisiting the famous romance of the saga, and, hopefully, adding more details to the story. Will Edward’s perspective be equally mysterious, intriguing, and overwhelming, perhaps edgy, at times? We are yet to find out.

  • The Mirror & The Light
    • Book by Hilary Mantel
    • None/5

    The Mirror & The Light is not your usual contemporary novel. Renaissance historical fiction is not something that everyone will read, but for those of you who are fond of traveling through time and expanding the history in a unique way, it’s a real treasure. This is the final of the Booker Prize-winning trilogy, the “Wolf Hall Series,” together with Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. The protagonist, “he,” as he is often referred to in the novel, Lord Privy Seal, Mantel’s Cromwell, is incredibly developed and manages to accurately present the necessary barbarity of the time, no matter how believable you find Mantel’s narrative. The appearance of all of Henry’s wives, dialogue enhanced with archaic language (though not difficult to understand), humor, lively pace, and vivid details will not leave you indifferent. One thing is for sure - the never-ending references will have everyone contemplate the fight for the reformation in England, and at the same time, appreciate it.

  • A Good Neighborhood
    • Book by Therese Anne Fowler
    • None/5

    A Good Neighborhood came out in March, and since then, it has enthralled many people worldwide. In its core, this is a piece of young adult fiction - but before you give it up if that’s not your cup of tea, at least read the description. Ultimately, it delivers on the promise of a high-quality book that surpasses the boundaries and limits of YA fiction. It paints a realistic picture of two teenagers coming from two American families who have a sort of a different background and family burdens. Without any spoilers, the novel has a lot of “I-did-not-see-this-coming” moments. You’ll be glued to the page before you know it. In addition to the storyline, the novel explores themes relevant to this day, such as racism, class differences, parenthood, and complex social and political bonds.

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