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Salia @Salia

Mind / reality bendy

47 items
Time travel, warped memories, hallucinations, and/or dreams (or the possibility of one of those). Basically anything twilight zoney (plus some fun time travel stuff).
Picture of a TV show: Rick And Morty
Rick And Morty 2013 TV Show
Picture of a movie: Dark City
Dark City 1998 Movie
Blade Runner and 44 more... A few days ago
Darla @beandemon

Animated Gems

46 items
the surreal, avant-garde, abstract, stop motion, underrated classics, solid animation and pretty visuals, or just quintessential things to view
Picture of a movie: Fantasia 2000
Fantasia 2000 1999 Movie
Picture of a movie: Kenji Miyazawa's Night On The Galactic Railroad
Kenji Miyazawa's Night On The Galactic Railroad 1985 Movie
High Fidelity and 43 more... A month ago

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