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1930-1960s films

19 items
Mostly black and white movies from the start of the talkie era in the 30s. There are some colour ones from the late 50s/60s. Not many 40s. Mostly drama, or horror.
Picture of a movie: To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill A Mockingbird 1962 Movie
Picture of a movie: Island Of Lost Souls
Island Of Lost Souls 1932 Movie
Citizen Kane, Freaks and 15 more... A few weeks ago
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Best Movies Based On Books

29 items
We all know the books are usually better, but here are the greatest film adaptations of literature from all eras and genres!
Picture of a movie: Sideways
Sideways 2004 Movie
Picture of a movie: Raging Bull
Raging Bull 1980 Movie
Memento and 26 more... May 2019

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