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Lexie @lexiekinkaid

Paranormal, Horror, the Occult, the Unexplained

42 items
Ghosts, Angels, Demons, & Aliens, Oh My! Psychics, Mediums, Rituals, and Seriously WTF? Some may be based in truth, and some not.
Picture of a TV show: Sense8
Sense8 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: The Oa
The Oa TV Show
The Path, Cult and 38 more... A few weeks ago
TasteDive @TasteDive

Facing Our Fears: Movies, books, TV shows, & podcasts about pandemics and systemic risks to humanity

51 items
If you prefer to embrace rather than escape the current climate and face humanity's greatest fears head on, this is the definitive list for you! Some eye-opening picks about pandemics and more.
Going Viral: The Mother Of All Pandemics Book
Picture of a movie: Train To Busan
Train To Busan 2016 Movie
The Omega Man and 48 more... A few weeks ago

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