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Who doesn’t love ❤️ A fun and heartwarming Animated movies? There not just for kids, teens or young adults. Adults alike can watch, enjoy, and sometimes even grow from animated films! 💕 Love them ♥️! From ”The Lion King,” to “Aladdin,” all the way to “Up!.” Now new movies from 2019-2020 releases like “Trolls” & “Onward” !! 🤩 Dating back to the 80’s we have our Classic Disney “Mickey Mouse animated shorts,” created by hand by the infamous Walt Disney himself. We’ve had amazing progression in animated films in a short couple of years to Where now In 2020 animators are giving us insanely realistic movies that are completely animated!!
Picture of a movie: Pete's Dragon
Pete's Dragon 2016 Movie
Picture of a movie: Rio
Rio 2011 Movie
Dolphin Tale 2 and 22 more... A few days ago

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