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Jayce @long-armed-squid

Nostalgia Factor

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These things are good but they wouldn't be nearly as good if they hadn't defined my childhood
Mario Kart Game
Picture of a game: Spore
Spore Game
Nintendogs and 28 more... July 2019
Salia @Salia


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Bookmarks are being cluttered by things I've already seen, so I'm putting uncategorized stuff that I've already seen here. Some are movies I didn't quite like enough to actually "like", and some I haven't seen recently enough to judge them accurately.
Picture of a movie: Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones's Diary 2001 Movie
The Notebook (2004 Movie) 2004 Movie
My Fair Lady and 67 more... A few weeks ago
Jessica @jusegow

Childhood Favorites

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Wow! I haven't heard of some of these in YEARS! I'm making a list to try and begin a collection for my mini-mes
Picture of a movie: The Land Before Time
The Land Before Time 1988 Movie
Picture of a movie: Robots
Robots 2005 Movie
Antz, Bambi and 25 more... A month ago

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