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Salmaa @salmzosman

The best mix of rom coms and chick flicks

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I would've loved if someone made this list for me because it would have saved so much of my time (btw ALL THE GUYS IN HERE ARE HOT IF YOU WERE CONCERNED)
Picture of a movie: The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries 2001 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Clique
The Clique 2008 Movie
The Prince And Me and 18 more... A month ago
Happy @redlionspacelion

White movies

16 items
Y'know those movies that are so bad and cheesy that they become a guilty pleasure? The cast is pretty white and is definitely something you'd/ did watch as a kid? Well I made a list of em.
Picture of a movie: Teen Spirit
Teen Spirit 2011 Movie
Picture of a movie: Rags
Rags 2012 Movie
Let It Snow and 13 more... A few months ago

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