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Atmospheric & Location-based SciHorror

14 items
Unsettling and genre-bending stories with locations that are practically characters themselves. The genre is not super important, and a few items might eschew one or the other.
Picture of a book: Little Lambs
Little Lambs Book by Stephen Graham Jones
It's A Good Life Book by Jerome Bixby
Midsommar, Pontypool and 10 more... A month ago
Sean @seangreen2

Definitive Horror

29 items
From slow-burn horror, to psychological horror, to your classic monster horror. The films that have stood out from the rest of the noise.
Picture of a movie: Annihilation
Annihilation 2018 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Orphanage
The Orphanage 2007 Movie
The Sixth Sense and 26 more... A few months ago
TasteDive @TasteDive

Facing Our Fears: Movies, books, TV shows, & podcasts about pandemics and systemic risks to humanity

51 items
If you prefer to embrace rather than escape the current climate and face humanity's greatest fears head on, this is the definitive list for you! Some eye-opening picks about pandemics and more.
Going Viral: The Mother Of All Pandemics Book
Picture of a movie: Train To Busan
Train To Busan 2016 Movie
The Omega Man and 48 more... A few months ago

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