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Martin @Wave

Silent Era

17 items
Silent films I've watched from before the talkies i.e. 1900-1929ish. Mostly sci-fi/fantasy, horror, a few purely drama (If you wanna watch these too, there are restored versions with gorgeous soundtracks on youtube of many silent films, a few I found on internet archive)
Picture of a movie: L'inferno
L'inferno 1911 Movie
Picture of a movie: Der Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam
Der Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam 1920 Movie
Satan's Rhapsody and 14 more... A few weeks ago
Jordan @JR-George

The Best of Silent Cinema

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The best films that silent films cinema has to offer from directors such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.
Picture of a movie: Safety Last!
Safety Last! 1923 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera 1925 Movie
A Trip To The Moon and 11 more... A few months ago

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