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Darla @beandemon

Surreal Anime 🎱

79 items
this list contains an array of different anime. from horror, to surreal, psychological, disturbing, sci-fi, and obscure themes. also includes some underrated gems.
Picture of a movie: Memories
Memories 1995 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl
The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl 2017 Movie
Redline, Angel's Egg and 75 more... A few months ago
Juular @Juular

Pre-2k classics that have aged like wine

35 items
Golden oldies that you owe yourself to check out if you've missed them. The list includes movies, games, TV series and some books.
Picture of a TV show: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1995 TV Show
Earthworm Jim 2 Game
Final Fantasy VII and 32 more... January 2020

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