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Atmospheric & Location-based SciHorror

14 items
Unsettling and genre-bending stories with locations that are practically characters themselves. The genre is not super important, and a few items might eschew one or the other.
Picture of a book: Little Lambs
Little Lambs Book by Stephen Graham Jones
It's A Good Life Book by Jerome Bixby
Midsommar, Pontypool and 10 more... A few months ago
Sean @seangreen2

Definitive Horror

29 items
From slow-burn horror, to psychological horror, to your classic monster horror. The films that have stood out from the rest of the noise.
Picture of a movie: Annihilation
Annihilation 2018 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Orphanage
The Orphanage 2007 Movie
The Sixth Sense and 26 more... A few months ago

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