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Zuncheone @Zuncheone

My True Favies

121 items
Musical Artists/Groups/Bands that I could say with a degree of certainty that I like a lot
Picture of a band or musician: Joji
Joji Music
Picture of a band or musician: Liturgy
Liturgy Music
Lcd Soundsystem and 118 more... A month ago
Mr. @mrgreen

Top Music Artists to Listen To Stoned

50 items
The definitive list for when you just need to kick back, take a hit, drop the needle on the wax, and listen to some great music stoned
Picture of a band or musician: Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Music
Picture of a band or musician: Bob Marley
Bob Marley Music
Nas, Led Zeppelin and 46 more... April 2019

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