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Emily @emilyhold

My Watched and Watching List

230 items
Busy watching, watched, this includes TV show's that I avidly watch. But say I've watched 90% of the show, it'll still counts...
Picture of a TV show: The Circle
The Circle TV Show
Picture of a TV show: The Spanish Princess
The Spanish Princess TV Show
Time After Time and 227 more... A few days ago
Bre @CrapZap

Best of Bug-Nut

18 items
Must see weird, crazy, so bad they’re good, Horr-Com, and/or shows that make you say “WTF?!”.
Picture of a movie: Naked
Naked 2017 Movie
Picture of a movie: Mr. Right
Mr. Right 2015 Movie
Daybreak, Crazyhead and 14 more... A few weeks ago
Bre @CrapZap

Must See Horr-Coms (Horror-Comedy)

8 items
Some of the best from my favorite genre - Horror-Comedy! Zom-Coms are #1 of course, if you want to get specific but this list is for the broader category of Horr-Com!
Picture of a TV show: Daybreak
Daybreak TV Show
Crazyhead TV Show
Zombieland and 5 more... A few weeks ago

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