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The definitive list for when you just need to kick back, take a hit, drop the needle on the wax, and listen to some great music stoned
Nas, Led Zeppelin and 46 more... April 2019 View 50 music artists
Everything from punk rock to hip hop to pop. I'd like to think that the list is full of bands/people that do it better than most of their contemporaries. Most of the music has resonated with me at some level or in some time of my life. What would the soundtrack of your life sound like?
Kings Of Leon, U2 and 16 more... A month ago View 20 items

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Courtney @SeaEmm
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Cameron Reilly @cameronedwardreilly
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Frank @fgartland
Julie Dillard @tainted303
User image: Nivyan Lakhani
Nivyan Lakhani @nivyanlakhani
User image: Hank Beastphonic McCoy
Hank Beastphonic McCoy @hankbeastphonicmccoy
User image: Marc Nogueres
Marc Nogueres @mnogueres
User image: Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace @laurenlybunny
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steve @rae.ralliegh
PopCorana98 @anaglo334
User image: Samme Lopez Moreno
Samme Lopez Moreno @sammereggininja
User image: Milo Gunn
Milo Gunn @milogunn88

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User image: Lorena Té
Lorena Té @loreta137
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Jeffrey Badger @jeffreybadger
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Mike @mike4f
User image: Cameron Briggs
Cameron Briggs @buddb8706
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Stephanie C @seclayto
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Patrick Delongchamp @pdelongchamp
BrendioEEE @therealbrendioeee
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Maddi @248maddiowen
Dylan Bradbury @dylanbradbury
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Sofia Ruffo @ilovepizza_99
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Finrod Felagund @nicosbaruz
Keith Nuttall @listen
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