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Darla @beandemon

Surreal Anime 🎱

79 items
this list contains an array of different anime. from horror, to surreal, psychological, disturbing, sci-fi, and obscure themes. also includes some underrated gems.
Picture of a movie: Memories
Memories 1995 Movie
Picture of a movie: The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl
The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl 2017 Movie
Redline, Angel's Egg and 75 more... A few months ago
Stephen @StephenBWilliams

Anime Favorites

32 items
Typically: west-palatable, abstract, focusing on humanism, surrealism, existentialism, experimental art, and melancholic and/or gritty tone, as well as dark themes.
Picture of a movie: Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade 1999 Movie
Picture of a movie: Sword Of The Stranger
Sword Of The Stranger 2007 Movie
Ninja Scroll and 29 more... A few months ago

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