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Fictional Drama Crime TV series-based on cops, detectives, private investigators & FBI Agents doing their jobs...protecting & serving the public, investigating crime & criminals & solving cases.
The Rockford Files and 42 more... A few weeks ago View 45 TV shows
Fictional TV drama series based on criminals committing crimes & law enforcement personnel doing their jobs...protecting and serving the public, investigating crimes and criminals, and solving cases.
Mary Kills People and 30 more... A month ago View 33 TV shows
Psycho, Twisted, Evil, & Insane...these words only scratch the surface of these ruthless psychopaths, sociopaths, & cold blooded killers we can't stop binge watching like a bad train wreck!
Criminal Minds, Evil and 13 more... A few months ago View 17 TV shows
Fictional, Drama TV Series based on military, war, & terrorism including domestic, foreign, spies, espionage, government corruption/cover-ups & cyber crimes
The Equalizer and 27 more... A few months ago View 30 TV shows
Fictional Drama TV Series based on Emergency Service & Medical Response providers, including: hospitals, doctors, nurses, firefighters, 911 operators, & Ambulance personnel
The Listener and 24 more... A few months ago View 27 TV shows
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