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Movies & shows that changed my view on something or made me second think about something. A Movie or show that refreshed my belief in something or someone, made me feel something or reminded me of a feeling. Movies/show that hit home, or drive deep to your soul, they make you think about something ...and make your Heart 💜 beat !
Picture of a movie: The Choice
The Choice 2016 Movie
Picture of a movie: Glass
Glass 2019 Movie
That '70s Show and 4 more... A month ago
Movie @fortheloveofcards924

📺Shows_My💚Favorites_Rewatchable Series

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Shows that I absolutely love, that I’ve rewatched or plan to rewatch. Shows that I couldn’t stand to wait until the next episode came out. Or if it an entire series was out, I couldn’t not stop watching episode after episode. Would recommend to any one (more so Females) to watch these shows ASAP! Watch the series! Then watch them again!
Picture of a TV show: That '70s Show
That '70s Show 1998 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Heroes
Heroes 2006 TV Show
Once Upon A Time and 4 more... A month ago

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