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Rules Of Attraction Book by Simone Elkeles 5/5
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Speaker For The Dead Book by Orson Scott Card 4.2/5
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Picture of a book: The Raven King
The Raven King Book by Nora Sakavic 4.7/5
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Mastery Book by Robert Greene 4.1/5
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Shadows Of Self Book by Brandon Sanderson 4.6/5
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Nos4a2 Book by Joe Hill 5/5
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As A Man Thinketh Book by James Allen 4.3/5
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Scythe Book by Neal Shusterman 4.9/5
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Cosmicomics Book by Italo Calvino 5/5
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Saga, Vol. 1 Book by Brian K. Vaughan 4.2/5
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Metro 2035 Book by Dmitry Glukhovsky 4.7/5
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