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this list contains an array of different anime. from horror, to surreal, psychological, disturbing, sci-fi, and obscure themes. also includes some underrated gems.
Redline, Angel's Egg and 75 more... A few months ago View 79 items
lots of classics and indie titles, late 90's games, ps2 & pc, n we even got some flash peppered in there before it leaves us this year.
Ao Oni, Imscared and 78 more... A few months ago View 82 games
Bizarre docs, mocks, conspiracy theories, true crime, worldly horror, disturbing, artsy, eye-opening, odd and intriguing.. etc!
and 54 more... March 2020 View 56 movies

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We're all stuck at our homes, now is the best time to push your mental limits and question reality. Here are 10 movies that will help you on your journey.
Samsara, Fantasia and 6 more... A few months ago View 10 movies

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