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Kobane Calling is a comic illustrated book written and designed by the Italian author Zerocalcare. Part of the work was published in January 2015 on the Internazionale (an Italian weekly).

The work is a graphic reportage of the journey that the author took to Syrian Kurdistan and the Syria–Turkey border, a few kilometers far from the besieged city of Kobanî, among the Kurdish leftist defenders of democratic autonomous region of Rojava, where the people has been fighting against the forces of the Islamic State.

In the first part of the comic, Zerocalcare recounts the reasons that pushed him to go to the small town of Mehser, on the Turkish-Syrian border, a short distance from the besieged city of Kobanî, which is the symbol of the independence of the Rojava autonomous region, mainly Kurdish populated, and has fought against the forces of the Islamic State.

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