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Busy watching, watched, this includes TV show's that I avidly watch. But say I've watched 90% of the show, it'll still counts...
Picture of a TV show: Nashville
Nashville 2012 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Human Target
Human Target 2010 TV Show
Succession, Jake 2.0 and 346 more... Today
Lexie @lexiekinkaid

Drama-Crime-Cops, Detectives, Private Investigators, & FBI

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Fictional Drama Crime TV series-based on cops, detectives, private investigators & FBI Agents doing their jobs...protecting & serving the public, investigating crime & criminals & solving cases.
Picture of a TV show: Bosch
Bosch 2014 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Castle
Castle 2009 TV Show
Shades Of Blue and 31 more... A few weeks ago

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