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Nick Spencer is a comic book writer and former politician best known for his Image series Morning Glories, his collaborations with artist Steve Lieber on the comedic series Superior Foes of Spider-Man and The Fix, a three-year run on Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as his controversial Captain America storyline that began with Captain America: Sam Wilson, continued with Captain America: Steve Rogers, and culminated in the 2017 company-wide crossover "Secret Empire".

While in college, Spencer wrote three pitches to Marvel soon after the launch of the Marvel Knights imprint in 1998. According to Spencer, "Joe [Quesada] didn’t like the first two but the third one was a Black Cat pitch that was a Jackie Brown kind of Tarantino-esque thing. He said he liked that one but they weren’t going to do anything with anybody new at the time." After another pitch was rejected, this time by Oni Press, Spencer went on to work in politics, running twice for the Cincinnati City Council as a candidate of the progressive Charter Party and working for a Democratic politician.

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