Most Profound Philosophers For Life Advice

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Philosophers and writers that have helped me get through many of life’s vagaries
Edited March 2019

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Shows You Can Work To As Background TV

11 items
Shows you can turn on and get work done while they play in the background. Shows that are easy to zone out to and don't require that much attention.
Picture of a TV show: Schitt's Creek
Schitt's Creek TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Community
Community TV Show
Fleabag, Seinfeld and 7 more... July 2019
Alex @alexelias

Movies For Admirers of Architecture

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Films where the architectural context and aesthetic plays an indelible role in the viewing experience, regardless of period or genre.
Picture of a movie: Red Desert
Red Desert 1964 Movie
Picture of a movie: North By Northwest
North By Northwest 1959 Movie
Il Posto, In Bruges and 25 more... May 2019
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