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Trying to collect these movies with the same sort of vibe, i'll figure it out later
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Early 20th century film movement that I love. I've been slowly watching as many films in this style of possible. So I've got to a point where I can start a list.
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Films that are primarily action focused, but have aspects of adventure/fantasy/sci-fi, which is why I watched them despite action sequences/people running around with guns etc which I'm not into
I, Robot and 38 more... March 2020 View 41 movies
Mostly black and white movies from the start of the talkie era in the 30s. There are some colour ones from the late 50s/60s. Not many 40s. Mostly drama, or horror.
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Silent films I've watched from before the talkies i.e. 1900-1929ish. Mostly sci-fi/fantasy, horror, a few purely drama (If you wanna watch these too, there are restored versions with gorgeous soundtracks on youtube of many silent films, a few I found on internet archive)
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