Adventure focused

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Where action isn't the main element in the film, it's about the adventure. Also many fantasy/comedy ones
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Films that are primarily action movies, but have aspects of adventure/fantasy/sci-fi, which is why I watched them despite action sequences/people running around with guns etc which I'm not into
Picture of a movie: The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element 1997 Movie
Picture of a movie: Hancock
Hancock 2008 Movie
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1930-1960s films

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Mostly black and white movies from the start of the talkie era in the 30s. There are some colour ones from the late 50s/60s. Not many 40s in here for some reason
Picture of a movie: Bride Of Frankenstein
Bride Of Frankenstein 1935 Movie
Picture of a movie: Horror Of Dracula
Horror Of Dracula 1958 Movie
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