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The history of sex work and sex workers' lives in cinema is a fraught one, at times caked in nasty stereotypes and revealing the most insidious points of view in society that sustain policies that marginalize those members of society. But some films, such as the ones on this list, offer insight and nuance, while unpacking ideas about women's autonomy, the marketplace of desire, and how people's identities function in capitalist societies.
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Commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year is celebrated in many countries in Asia, including Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Lunar New Year, a crucial part of Chinese culture, announces the beginning of the first new moon of the lunar calendar and a way for families and communities to celebrate their centuries old relationship to their elders and their heavenly deities. Tied to 12 animals as Zodiac signs, this year is the Year of the Tiger: brave, fierce, and a force against evil. Here are some things you can watch for celebrate the New Year!
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While Sundance returned last minute to a virtual format, movie love is alive and well, with new work from Lena Dunham, Adamma Ebo, and Jesse Eisenberg, and films examining female desire, wealth and religious institutions, and caustic mother/son relationships. Here are some of the films to get ready for in 2022.
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Bill Gates offered "Five Good Books for a Lousy Year" on his iconic Gates' Notes. If you're looking for some holiday reading or just an escape from the tenor of the times, here are some weighty suggestions from Gates himself, as well as some further inspiration and recommendations based off Gates' top five!
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American Holiday films have become a cinematic trope, even an entire category of film financing. Escape the bubble with some of these great holiday films made around the world - from England to India to Israel!
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The TasteDive team has combed through and highlighted music artists from the 2021 Grammy nominations across some of the main categories. The Grammys adjusted its structure this year, most notably by increasing the voting membership by 2,300 and adjusting the process to address concerns about diversity. They also published guidelines for the first time to ensure the process was more transparent and inclusive. Without further ado, here is the list -
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If you're looking for an escape from the times (or from the bank vault) here are some of the most fun, entertaining classic heist films!
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