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Bookmarks are being cluttered by things I've already seen, so I'm putting uncategorized stuff that I've already seen here. Some are movies I didn't quite like enough to actually "like", and some I haven't seen recently enough to judge them accurately.
Doctor Strange and 71 more... A few days ago View 74 items
Some games have a bit of Spanish in them, some have settings to incorporate more Spanish in them, and some you can play entirely in Spanish.
Grim Fandango, Coco and 8 more... A few months ago View 12 items
Mostly Sci-Fi, but included some things that may not technically fit. There's also some Sci-Fi stuff not on this list, but I tried to include my favorite stuff.
Blade Runner, Dredd and 102 more... Today View 106 items
Time travel, warped memories, hallucinations, and/or dreams (or the possibility of one of those). Basically anything twilight zoney (plus some fun time travel stuff).
Dark City, Life Of Pi and 44 more... A few weeks ago View 48 items

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