Movies I've seen for reasons?

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Things that I've just watched for various reasons over the years, mixed opinions. Might have had to study it at school, or it was the only thing on back in the days of channel surfing on tv 😅 things I watched with my family or friends, movies I saw at the cinema because it was something to do idk just a loose watchlist until I move them onto better lists. Mixed opinions 🤷
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Honestly this is just my pile of movies that don't really have a common genre, but without being my absolute favourite films these are some films I couldn't help but enjoy.
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Horrors that ~just~ did it for me. Maybe certain themes, characters, or the ending wasn't satisfying to me. Maybe I enjoyed the plot but not the acting, etc. Or the concept was really good but the execution was maybe just meh. (Not to say these are bad films, these are films I did enjoy watching and perhaps would rewatch!)
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For various reasons. Whether or not I liked everything about the film, these are movies I had an overall good impression of.
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